Other GCHQ operations revealed in the Snowden leaks include ‘Tempora’ (the mass gathering of communications data), ‘MUSCULAR’ (which included tapping the data centres of major IT networks), and ‘StateRoom’ (using UK embassies to spy on nations across the world).

Snowden is a tempered, yet always mindful piece of storytelling on one of the biggest stories of this century. Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in persuasive braniac mode) is the famous whistleblower who leaked to the world that all of our web data and online searches, the cameras on our phones and laptops, had been used by NSA and CIA to Nov 22, 2013 · The Snowden leaks didn't just disclose the U.S. government's intentions to surveil citizens, both domestically and abroad. For the first time two weeks after the first round of leaks were Snowden’s disclosures, she said, fit that definition. And many critics, in fact, have questioned the legality of some of the National Security Agency activities that the former contractor disclosed. Snowden's Leaks About NSA Lead To Awards For 4 Reporters : The Two-Way Journalists who broke the news in The Guardian and The Washington Post are among those receiving this year's George Polk Feb 07, 2014 · The book captures the drama of Snowden’s operation in often-cinematic detail. . . . Harding has delivered a clearly written and captivating account of the Snowden leaks and their aftermath.” —The Washington Post “Engaging and lucid. . . . A gripping read. . . . Harding is a gifted writer. . . .

Former CIA employee Edward Snowden divulged as many as 200,000 classified documents to the press, says NSA Director General Keith Alexander. The spy chief said the data was leaked in such a way that it did the “maximum damage” to the NSA and the USA.

May 01, 2014 · UK slips down global press freedom list due to Snowden leaks response This article is more than 6 years old British government's draconian response to the Guardian's reporting sees UK drop five Cybersecurity Initiatives Lost After Snowden Leaks. The Obama administration has said it plans to release this year a list of voluntary best practices in cyber security for critical

Apr 11, 2019 · The Leaks: On July 22, 2016, WikiLeaks released nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails and on Oct. 7, 2016, it released another 2,000 emails from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s June 2013 leaks, President Barack Obama promised to review the government’s surveillance programs and consider reforms. On the list of numbers: the cell Jun 28, 2020 · 89. On May 15, 2015, WikiLeaks tweeted a request for nominations for the 2015 “Most Wanted Leaks” list, and as an example, linked to one of the posts of a “Most Wanted Leaks” list from 2009 that remained on WikiLeaks’s website. [snip] 92. Jun 05, 2020 · Since the first leak from Mr. Snowden, journalists have released more than 7,000 top-secret documents, but some think that’s only a fraction of the entire archive.