May 29, 2003

Definitively Determine Installation Date For Windows 2000 Oct 10, 2003 ForceWare Windows XP/2000 32-bit|NVIDIA Windows XP/2000 32-bit Release Highlights: WHQL Certified. NVIDIA PureVideo™ HD driver with support for the following features: Stay up-to-date on driver releases, contests and special promotions - many exclusively available to our newsletter subscribers. Newsletters are delivered regularly once every 4-6 weeks plus special promotions

Windows XP/2000 Version: 66.93 Release Date: November 9, 2004 WHQL Certified* U.S. English File Size: 17.8 MB. Downloads » Primary Download Site

Serviced for 18 months from release date: Serviced for 30 months from release date: Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Pro Education Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Windows 10 Home. Serviced for 18 months from release date, however based on your setting, the latest feature update may be automatically installed on your device upon availability. Az új termék végleges neve Windows 2000 lesz, utalva a várható megjelenés évére. A további kiadások már Windows 2000 béta 3 RC (Release Candidate) névvel jelentek meg, az első 1998. december 16-án, majd a Windows 2000 béta 3 RC1 1999. március 17-én, és végül a Windows 2000 béta 3 1999. április 19-én. Windows 2000 Server with 10 user licenses will be available for $1,199, and the upgrade from Windows NT 4 or NetWare for $599. For 25 users, customers pay $1,799 or $899 if upgrading from Windows

May 01, 2009

Windows 2000, also known as Windows NT 5.0, is an operating system for use on both client and server computers. It was produced by Microsoft and released to manufacturing on November 8, 1999, and launched to retail on December 15, 1999. It is the successor to Windows NT 4.0, and is the last version of Microsoft Windows to display the "Windows NT" designation. It is succeeded by Windows XP The table is ordered by release date, with the most recent release date listed first. For more information about update channels, see Overview of update channels for Microsoft 365 Apps . The following table lists the supported version, and the most current build number, for each update channel. On October 27, 1998, Microsoft announced that the name of the final version of the operating system would be Windows 2000, a name which referred to its projected release date. [19] Windows 2000 Beta 3 was released in January 1999. [18] NT 5.0 Beta 1 was similar to NT 4.0, including a very similarly themed logo.