Mar 26, 2015 · Install Network Manager Applet through the Add/Remove in the Ubuntu menu. Install the plug-in for your connection type - either network-manager-pptp, network-manager-vpnc (Cisco) or network-manager-openvpn (use Synaptic Package Manager or apt-get).

I believe you are missing the GUI components of Network Manager PPTP VPN packages. pptp-linux is the core for PPTP functionality, and network-manager-pptp is the core for Network Manager's PPTP functionality, but the core required software and libraries does not equate to the GUI components which show in the Network Manager GUI. Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10. install the network-manager-pptp package, using the Add/Remove, Synaptic package manager, or apt-get, click network icon, choose VPN Connections then Configure VPN, then add a VPN with the wizard, click network icon, then VPN Connections then the VPN you created. Click the box next to network-manager-pptp and select Mark for installation. In case the network-manager-pptp option is marked, exit the Synaptic Package Manager and proceed to the VPN setup instructions; The system may prompt you to install additional necessary items. Click on Mark to select the additional items Jan 23, 2019 · Download Network Manager for free. Windows tool for monitoring and configuring your network adapters. Network Manager is a free and open source Windows tool that will aid you in monitoring and configuring your network adapters.

network-manager-strongswan package version 1.4.2 is already in debian/ubuntu – Bigon Jan 7 '18 at 10:59 I am on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and it had version 1.3.1 installed: "network-manager-strongswan is already the newest version (1.3.1-1ubuntu1)."

Get super user rights sudo su Install the necessary binary packages. apt-get install network-manager-pptp reboot Click on NetworkManager icon and choose VPN Connections… then Configure VPN Click on "Add" button For the "Gateway" choose one of the "remote" servers in the conf file Enter your assigned username and password Click on the "Advanced…" button Under […]

Download network-manager-pptp-gnome_1.1.93-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb for 16.04 LTS from Ubuntu Main repository. Follow the steps below to configure OpenVPN on a device running on Ubuntu 18.0 or above. We have demonstrated the guide using a device running on Ubuntu 18.04. Installing OpenVPN network manager 1.